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Defend the 2nd Raptor-SL / Talon L/S Combo


In partnership with Noveske Rifleworks, Radian is planning a PRO 2nd AMENDMENT RALLY in Salem, Oregon on March 23rd, 2019. Recent legislative proposals relating to gun restrictions would make Oregon gun laws among the strictest in the country. By holding this event, we hope to show our government officials their agenda will not stand with the law abiding citizens of our State and Country.

To raise funds for the event, we have created a special edition "Defend the 2nd Rally" Raptor/Talon Combo with the following features:

  • Black multi-cam handles and levers by the one and only, Blowndeadline
  • Special edition "Beaver Under Nods" (Oregon's state animal) laser engraving
  • Special edition "Defend the 2nd - for Oregon" laser engraving

This combo will be a limited time offering, with 100% of proceeds going towards the defense of our 2nd Amendment rights. Our goal is to sell 500 sets, raising $100,000 for the event.

Reserve (purchase) your "Defend the 2nd Rally" Raptor/Talon Combo now and help us make a stand.

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